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Two Upsets Don’t Make An Upright

You get angry. I do not. Your web will not Create my fraught. I’m not caught. Juss you. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

I’m My Worst Enemy Which Works Quite Well For Me

See me get outa my way. I got some dues to pay. Baked off these feet of clay. Naw gonna make today. Thank you, friend. Barry out.  

Jesus Christ! Ivan’s Dead Again!

Praise be to my god today. Circumstance led him to say Ivan can be gone away. But here he stays in The game we plays And you okays it Don’t chu? Thank you, friend. Barry out.  


I hear me working, But I’m not. Guess if I’m a slacker Count me caught. They called me zero I am ought. Thank you, friend. Barry out.    

Hugo First

Those pioneers and their arrows! Stickin’ them in their backs. Not checkin’ whose at the door. Not lookin’ between the cracks. Not carin’ bout a place to shit. Just a hole in an outdoor box. Crumpled up paper for tissue. Wipin’ arse with hard knocks. Man you complain tamorry. Ain’t no time today. Whine your […]

Not Enough Sympathy To Ruin A Shirt

Mush. You are. But you carry a heavy scar. Knowing waay better than the beef Dejour. Bastard you figured it out. Thank you, friend. Barry out.  

Pain Isn’t Free

A wee bitta hurt’n is good. A whole lotta hurt’n is better unless It leads to no hurt’n at all. Hurt’n turns an occupied head. Hurt’n remembers shit not said. Hurt’n maybe wishes things dead. Hurt’n is okay. Brightens up your day. Hear hurt’n say There’s another way. Thank you, friend. Barry out.    

Nat’s Whut Change Muh Laf

Got a question fer ya sir. Maybe ya seen dat mirror. You are not sir in a furor Keepin shit clean maybe cleaner. Maybe hiding from Allah. Maybe hiding from God. Maybe spreading yer news Through no island seeing fog. We need grog for the mourning! Thank you, friend. Barry out.

While Gods Sleep

It’s big and small and Through out y’all And too tiny And huge To see. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

The Machines Weren’t Talking

Mister Compressor, what you say? Mister Grinder wants to play? He wants to tear across my leg? He wants me howlin OH MAN, FRIG!? He makes throw him to the floor. Makes me holler JESUS NO! Mister Grinder blows sparks though And where do you think his bloody sparks go? In an open pail of […]

Why Every Improvement Comes Wrapped In Turd

The first thing that happened was shit. Shit happened. Shit got in everything. And whether you want or don’t want shit You are gonna hafta wear shit bling. It’s back in style! Thank you, friend. Barry out.  

Pretend That Hell Is Real

Sittin’ ducks in a truck. Sittin’ ducks in a truck on fire. Why them ducks wait down to the wire? Hot ducks see that the duck lords aspire To a modus operandi of Sitting ducks on fire. You own your own ass! Get it through your thick beak! Don’t be sittin’ when ya should be […]

Lordy, How They Loved Them Some Bacon!

There were pigs downstairs and In the next room and the Whole garage was fulla Them too and it was Pigs in the morning, Night and at lunch. They seemed to like pigs A whole damn bunch. They stank like pigs and Thought it was cool and Their clothes bore pigs And their hats and […]

Let’s Say The Road Curves And You Don’t

When circumstances change, you change. When circumstances change, you change. YOU CHANGE! YOU CHANGE! Circumstances have done their part. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Ya Better Bring Moar Than Loot

Two shits was all dude wanted. For somebody else to give. Emotional bloody bank accounts Livin’ like people live. C’mon make a deposit! And another before withdrawal. Someone will be there with you Lovin’ on your beck and call. Thank you, friend. Barry out.  

If You Don’t Know Same Shit Different Pile, You Just Don’t Know Shit.

Dude wished to wake up different. Better than his stupid old self. But he had so little to work with. Most of him still on the shelf. Dreamt of those selves. Waiting like elves. For their dreamer to dream them awake. They then scurry, no hurry, And in overnight flurries they Bake a new dude […]

Lord If You Were Here I Would Kiss You

Life has a funny way of happening. Usually when you think it’s not. But life happens constantly alla a time. And it asks for your input not. Yes it doesn’t. Thank you, friend. Barry out.    

Payback Don’t Hafta Be A Bitch

Things look different from The other side. Even if that side’s The same. The background’s different. The sun’s higher inna sky. But pointing it out cancels all gain. Notice you noticing. Ya, make a note of that. Thank you, friend. Barry out.  

Jesus Don’t Swim In Cold Water

Man we are stupid. Hangin’ on this floor. Danglin’ ona rough deck. Horror on horror. Muted explosions. Tiny screams with big meanings. Wrenching the elephant Funnels a-leaning. Lights meaning something like Nothing before. Things overhead now acting as floor. And down down down down. No up is around its just Over the event horizon. Thank […]

Oh To Be Friends With Unhappiness

Happy all the time isn’t happy. It’s sad. And happy all the time isn’t better. It’s bad. Cause happy needs contrast to really be had. And contrast to happy doesn’t mean to be a cad. It won’t reside in dad. Or suckers wearing plaid. For glad becomes a fad. A hurtful once comrade. A stark […]

Sumbitch Pump Inna Sink Naw

Water by the bucket. Back when shit was free. Doan save some for primin’. Lordy, lord. Fuck thee. Back when shit was free. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Yes Some Seeds Are Good

Don’t hit people and don’t yell At folks or animals unless They’re about to attack And don’t make folks Listen to your regrets Cause you’ll wind up with them back. Maybe double. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Evil Don’t Do Mirrors

If only, papa said. Made him out loud say it cause It rattle tattled in his head. If only, papa said. If only, caused him dread. If only, so he read… Like he had a choice. Life reflected, fine. First time life’s sublime. Then oh, now. Uh oh, now. Maybe holy cow. And if only… […]

Why You’re An Asshole Doesn’t Matter

Hit the one whom Sticks it’s head up. Where and when Makes no difference. Thankyou, friend. Barry out.

What If You Could Stand For Something?

You could stand for happiness. For hope. For love. You could stand for a doubling Of the above and be glad That sadness and loneliness have Nowhere to stay and will find They’re unwelcome and Go elsewhere okay? You could step on misery. Kick smug in the ass. You could action this family Of humans […]

How To Add Shit Up Without Shit Adding Up

I said halt! Who goes there?! No one halted Or was there But me, I still paid attention. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

When Appreciation Comes

Jesus words can be sweet. And filling. In huge blanks of no man’s Land where no one matters And nobody cares enough to Offer a simple goddamn thank you. Thank you, friend. Barry out.  

Repetition Effortlessly Creates Insanity

Say it again Sam! Was what they said. Over ‘n over ‘n over! So Sam he said it. Many different ways. While the crowds called out for Bring us all a little more! We demand Ben Dover! Thank you, friend. Barry out.  

If You Don’t Make It You Ain’t Gonna Make It

Pretend today isa whore. Pretend today wants more. Pretend today can’t get enough Don’t give her she’ll be Out that door. So quick you’re headle spin. There’ll be no need to win. Just sit on back and grin. You no planner. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Dude’s Daddy Was A Spanker And Daddy Spanked With His Boots

There was no room for disagreement. Retarded was in the game. No matter how you played it The ending remained the same. You don’t talk like that now! You cannot talk back! Pal you better freeze that tongue And cut your teeth some slack! No words taken back. Looka stop you in your tracks. Fallin’ […]