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I Could Hold Your Tail, But I Don’t.

Friends are distant and unseen. You seem nice and in-between. I said I’m blue, not so in greed. I’ve got a bad sign. Hurting from the old grind. I’m not a good find. Hope you disagree. Then you set me free.

When Liars Say

Buddy ain’t pay much note to noise. Seems like everyone else is poised Take a liitle trip from those who know. Shit going sideways, just below Limen of feeling There you go. Now gonna be that someone. Find those jerks who alla done. Say you’re stupid. Say that Cupid Is particular And here you are. […]

I Know You’re Busy Butt

Drive too fast and walk too slow. You got a thousand spots to go. Got no time, you make your flow Other people caught in it. You would love to spin it. But, you don’t. You’ve been shown a better way. A getaway. One that depends on you.

Requires No Explanation

Holy cow, you’re fucked! Sitting in your car. Bet you paid for. In cash you ash. Bet it’s made for Transportation. But where you’re from That car’s gonna kill you. Maybe someone at chooed. In it, in the factory. Maybe be a fact-ory Why you wear that silly mask. Why you never think to ask. […]

Everyone Is Monkey In The Middle

His phone went blank. The keys to his bank They all said thanks, But no thanks. You’re not who you were. There’s no number there. Which corresponds with you And if that is true. What can you do? You’re just a number.

Morale Was The Gold They Were Digging For But The Silly Diggers Dug Right Through It

Good humor, he said, was paramount. It was the bedrock of what came next. Toil, they could, like normal men But they couldn’t cause they were hexed. Cursed from birth by their freedom gene. Their genes wouldn’t let them go. And genes don’t ask, they tell you boy Exactly how life will flow. Drown you […]

The Almost

They were gonna do this and Gonna do that but This and that fell in a trap. A trap so nefarious It wouldn’t carry us One step closer to home. This trap was made of bone. A leg and foot and head bone. Gonna wait til dark and we’re alone. Then a truth arrives and […]

That’s Not How Wars Are Fought

The headline hit him like a ton of bricks. You are not in uniform, you gotta be sick. Sick if you think you can win this alone. Sick if you think you can fight from your home. Better change your tone. Quell a little groan. Losing the battle of words.

A Mass Formation Deserter

Shot him point blank. His name was Frank. Bro of old Yella Hair. But Yella couldn’t care Cause Yella wasn’t there He wasn’t Yella Hair When he weren’t there. He was in The Nethers. The Oh Whatevers. Miles, a million miles From Little Bighorn. No, Yella’s forlorn. See, Yella’s met his maker. That Yella haired […]

War Sweet War

It was a battle all right. Each and every night His moral code took flight. It flew right outa sight. Dove through the bleakest plight, But it was still alright, Cause they were winning.

Just A Little Somethin’ To Tolerate

Strapped to a wall with No damn fall Protection. Objections? Takes a big faller who ain’t Too taller To ask which way is up? They all just answered yup! Yup to whaters? Yup to what fer? Who gonna clean dis up?

Oh Canada

The youngest guy With the stupidest socks. Dude is acting like He don’t suck rocks and Round that fye-er, All us chanting. You be wisps and Spirits decanting. No, to ranting. You have lost your way.

Send In The Ambassadors

They were way too smart To nail their hats straight on. T’was foregone conclusion They would employ sound. Fierce wind whistling the howling sky Would warn hat wearers Don’t even try! To remove your headwear! Don’t ever go there! The sun will fry your skull! With pain so great you will Beg for forgiveness… Then […]

Hunting Jack Jabber

Stabbed a billion people, ya. No one in the neck. Stabbed his victims so politely None said what the heck?! They all said nothing. Bared their souls. And led ol’ Jack Straight to his goals. See, Jack, he had them Right where he wanted them. None even hesitated When he discounted them. Jack was a […]

All Line Up For The Liars Parade!

Either everyone had a mask Or none wore one at all. None were short and None were tall. Everyone wore a costume. Except the clowns who didn’t. Tho none remarked on the gowns they wore Curiosity, you must be kidding! The plain truth wasn’t sitting Too well with some They garnered big fun Col-lecting horse […]

No Goat To Get

There was no cool to lose. No high road now to choose. The only songs were blues. It was hot as hell and We knew damn well That the hot was heating up. No run over for this cup. The sippers had enough. Banged on their pots. Clanged on their pans. Done, they were, with […]

Old Guys Straight To The Front Lines

Goddamn trenches were ten feet deep. Filthy creeping mud walls so goddamn steep A bayonet stabber could see defeat If they looked far down in the hole boy. Nothin’ even close to home joy. The rats are taking over. We can hear supplies a commin’! Then they hit the bloody mortar And the evening began […]

Jesus Give Me Strength To Stand Up Against You

The sons a bitches fought so hard To take my life away. Conniving, lying, always trying Anything to have their say. But not today Satans. Not to day. You’ll have to try harder To get your way. Not okay. To say what you say We ain’t gonna play Cause you cheat.

Budday Where’s Your Boday?

Your team lost last night And one of them kneeled For your anthem. Fuck them! You abandon Them cause They are not your only team! You have been So busy. Now, let’s see… It’s your town. And family. It’s your club And they’ll see. It’s your house. And your car. Tho’ the bank claims They […]

Got Your Lie Sense?

Building permits and Driver’s license. Surveyors to mark that fence. Passport and registration. Steal that car without hesitation. Birth certificate. Health card. Accreditation. SIN card. Merit points. Retard, There is a system. You are innit. Be that gear Know your limit. Rattle off that number!

And About Those Rights

You have the right To keep your pie hole shut. No damn crying. No ifs or buts. Keep it shut tight or You know what Could happen. You’re all strapped in. Your kids. Your wife. Your truck. That bike. The secret bitcoin You know that, right? They ain’t gonna help You leave. Aight? Cause the […]

They Made A Secret Secret Country

Two hundred million people strong. Had no flag or national song. But everyone there felt the longing The call from humanity. The sound of being free. Whom care about the other. See sister and too brother. Chasing that freedom. Rising above them. Fools selling tyranny.

The Non Tinkers

She was right as rain. In no pain. Ready to gain Full function. Good lady had no gumption. Blind like a bat Who forgot that Her sound wave sense had left her. She was done listening As the sweat beads, glistening Slowly crept from her brow. She was sick so hard and how Did the […]

The Bastards Of Bearsville

She said shut your effing mouth. And mask up, fiend! There was no time for niceties And nothing in between. Bitch was serious. She meant her demeaning. Without any screening. She was still screaming When entering my zone. This place is my home. I’m here all alone. But she wants to come in Make me […]

Just A Guy Acting Like A Guy Who Thinks He’s Another Guy

When you point your finger. Are you happy you can point? Does the pointing now anoint You to that realm Where you have found Your glare directs attention? And when you mention Your attention Is it you Or those attending?


Your smile. Your frown. You upside down. You right side up. You had enough? Or does it matter? You madhatter. You brain scatter. Hey! Get atter! Buddy ain’t wearin’ no mask!

You Could Take Your Star Off

They weren’t fighting on the beaches. No bombs screamed down from the air. The unmolested strolled about. They didn’t seem to care. The river rose And quickly chose Unfortunates to float. The weather swamped their boat. Crocks slid in the moat. Yes, you can ride and Many died And with them went their vote.

Daft Punks

Mister Trumpachov, Tear down this wall! They did call from the wayside. Silence total from the nayside. So tear they did And all was hid By the houses built Out of wall brick.

Turn Off Your Reciever, There’s A Signal Coming Through.

The alarm is set. It’s set. It’s set. You wanna be a winner? Bet. You bet. Wanna get wise? Regret. Forget. Don’t believe in Karma? Oh shet. Not yet? Gonna make a bed Can’t be laid in. Tied up, preyed on. Move me in the hallway. I won’t run away. I don’t have the legs. […]

T’was The Night Before Hellness

You mask up and Task up and You keep your distance. Please no resistance Your pain is an instance Of how you insist that Freedom is better than Living forever Just under the boot of some Jack? Buddy, that’s whacked and You better get back To the place where your grace was Measured by yeses. […]