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They Mined The Mindless

Let’s say you are not too smart. And you cart Quite apart Critical thinking in a hand basket. Not a necessary task yet So desperately needed. Intelligence unheeded. It’s a black parade. And we should have stayed At home to watch the clothes dry.

Jesus Was Adopted

Buddy loved meth. All he could get. Get it in ‘im. Get him in it. S’all the same In this minute. Round and round on the inside. Lookit him spin on the out. It really don’t matter. Stare right at ‘er. Eyes burning into the sun. Recognize the glue she’s undone. Now you know why […]

The Nose Have It

She stuck it in. Pulled it out. Nostrils with a pile of clout. Furious blows without a doubt. She won’t need a hanky. She sees hanky panky. All around and she does hound All who would not thank thee. No hesitation to spank thee. Maybe house arrest. Maybe try her best To curb your appeal. […]

Four By Four Missing

No nail. No hammer. No toolbelt too. No saw. No sawhorse. No carpenter too. No wire. No fuse. No soldering too. No music. No lightshow. No happiness boo! No courage. No strength. No fortitude you. No matter. No worry. We know what to do… No crying. No swearing. No struggling you. You sit down. You […]

Verbotenly Hot

Don’t sweat it the border. Or the hospital or a port. Don’t sweat it at the mag lev train Or you won’t get aboard. Prices got you out of sorts? Has your temper and funding grown short? It will be noted on your wreck-ord. That you are a little hottie. Go sideways with that naughty. […]

Sleep As Long As You Can Then Relax

Waking up is hard to do. Especially if that other room Is booming with a view. I mean, what’s a chile to do? Stay? Or sneak out the back way So you wake nobody up?

Noti Me

I’m going into space now. I’m going into space. First the air won’t fly anymore. Then flying isn’t flying. Then I can’t recall if the stars came out. And neither can the other guys. We were lost, no up or down. No protective layer of lies. The homesickness! Homesickness! Homesickness struck and we had yet […]

Interdimensional Morse Code

I felt you tapping my forearm. Flexing my bicept. Cramped my calf you fuck! Spazzed my lungs, locked my hamstring. Ankes, I couldn’t get up! The messege was loud and clear… I don’t own me. I’m for rent. I’m the renter so hellbent. On living life like this was me when interdimensionally You could tug […]


When the food bank bounces Your ass out the door And the shelves are all empty Cause you’re broke and so poor That the holes in your clothes And in your story of life Begin to join up And block in any light That might brighten your path Or illuminate holes. Cause once you goes […]

Stay At Homers

Oh, you people! Goddamn sheeple! You had to graze together! Do so-and-so whatever, You had to shop. You could not stop And think about the rest of us? Now no one here can ride a bus! There’s no more beaches! No more streets is Filled with people. Goddamn sheeple! Oh, you make me sick again!