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The Law Is A Tall Building With Poor Folks On The Ground Floor

Hello says the guard from security. He wants to know your name. Wait says the guard from security. He’s curious why you came. You need to know somebody. Know their floor by heart. You need to know them well. Or you’ll soon depart. Fruitless, helpless, on the street. You won’t meet the peeps with Whom […]

But They’ll NEVER Find The Soul Of Marijuana!

They found our THC. Found them some CBD. Then they went cray aye zee. They wore hairnets galore. They dressed to thrill doc-tor. They card swiped every door. They had gone mad now. They grew pay-per, Not pot. And the guys who talked Alot. They knew investors got All hot and bothered. When they thought […]

Some Actors Do More Than Break A Leg

Luke, I am yer fahdah! You can go to the movies or The movies can come to you. The movies don’t care which road they take They just want to climb inside you. They laugh. You laugh. They cry. You cry. They lie. You buy. Yay! You’re going to the movies…!   JFK – The […]

The Octa-Puss And You

You are a germ on a piece of dirt. Under the finger nail of a giant. One finger can’t say what The whole hand will do and You’re on the ass wiping hand.

Bool Shat

One hundred people Can’t be wrong so they choose one To sing their song and that Song singer must be so strong Cause they will fake sing Certain songs. They know the tune but The song belongs to yesterday, Before the throng. Barry

Unmaking Mistakes

This thing bites. This thing sucks. Wait here to get crushed by mucks. Mucky-mucks who just say shucks. You boo-hoo there, take these bucks. Learn a lesson you Silly fucks! Barry  

Your Important Isn’t

  Joe woke up the other day. Woke right up and Joe did say I’m awake Holy Cow!  And that’s okay! But awake he was to what…? Awake is not enough! You gotta feel it in your gut! You’re kneeling pal, get up! See now up here. It’s three dee, hear? And now you see […]

Lawyers Ro And Sham And Bo

You damn right, we’ll disagree. You’ll shake your fist and glare at me. And me, I’ll toss some paper at you. Or maybe scissors, or a rock will do… Barry   Stefan Molyneux Islam Is So Low IQ Because They Marry Their Cousins