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There were no U-turns. No one eighties. You hafta go straight Or to Haid dees. Off your knees. No more please. Killin with ease. Just like dees, You go now.

Down Is Okay If You’re Headed Up

You shat your pants or Somebody did and No one’s laughing To hide that fib Just report it in the morning. Breakfast time. Don’t fuss about it and Sure don’t whine. It’s a bitta spilled milk. Spoona turpentine. Take a sip here shortly, Sippin’ time.

No Shit Sherlock

Wiss out De Edge Put this in the back of your mind. If you have one… Not a mind but a front or back. Up or down. White or black. How you gonna tell where the truth is at? Fiction or fact? Round earth or flat? And what do you say when she says okay… […]

No, THIS Dream Is Real!

Parallel puddles all got seas. Parallel puddles in degrees. Humans looking out. Out there, please. But their neighbors live beside them. Just over the hill. And if you invite them Come over they will. New guns. New germs. New steel.

I’m Only Guessing On The Power Pole

You got this power.  Got this pole. Got no line. No breaker so… Power hum. Nobody know.

There’s A Sin-chronicity and Synchronicity

  You call it what you will. It is happening still. You can’t avoid it. Can’t destroy it. Should enjoy it but Sadly, you avert your eyes. Barry

They Say Don’t Go. On Wolverton Mountain.

Micro macro. All a way down. How it is now is how it is found. This here’s a drama, unfolding ya? Another in the can just waitin’ for da End of this drama, Wind it all down. Gotta go dark afore the next big round. It’s a series yer watchin’. You’re the audience. Next season […]


Will you open up your fucking eyes to see? Or will you wallow in those things that set you free? Cause you don’t want my thing and your thing to be. You’d rather head your way and re-release me? Barry  

Their Purpose Was To Forget About Purpose

There’s an underlying structure to structure. Like the pillars under a bridge. The structure can’t be seen Cause there’s nothing in between Til you pass over sunset ridge. Thank you, friend. Barry out.  

You Think I Do This For Me?!

He hadda giva guy shit. Hadda lean on him a bit. So the beggar wouldn’t quit. Bet he didn’t know it. Buddy didn’t do it for himself naw. Thank you, friend. Barry out.      

Waves By You

If entropy exists and yet the world turns, Is the world now slowing down? Is it the world or me who sets this pace? Is it the world making me into this clown? Or can I run back time? Can I lay it on the line and Still feel fine ’bout What is mine and […]

T’was A Virtual, Virtual, Virtual Reality.

She snapped an image of him Taking a picture. Of a photo with his too Smart phone. They were snap, taking, holding realities In dimensions to themselves unknown. Thank you, friend. Barry out.    

Yes He Still Works For The Aliens At Night

Could not sleep. Got these peepers that won’t keep Closed cause someone wants them open. Even if he’s hoping that by morning He’ll be coping. Nope. He won’t. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

That Kind Of Nerve

Don’t fucken, don’t look at me. Don’t fucken, don’t you see? I bin, I bin fucked over. So doan thinka fucken with me. Doan lak it. Can’t hack it. Come try it. You’ll see. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Old Fuckers Make Bad Jokes

No one laughs. There’s this place between real angry and It’s cracks. Them cracks is big. Too big to see. That’s how they swallow up big Deals like you ‘n me. Thank you, friend. Barry out.  

The Machines Weren’t Talking

Mister Compressor, what you say? Mister Grinder wants to play? He wants to tear across my leg? He wants me howlin OH MAN, FRIG!? He makes throw him to the floor. Makes me holler JESUS NO! Mister Grinder blows sparks though And where do you think his bloody sparks go? In an open pail of […]

There’s A Back End To The Funeral Business

Whatcha workin’ on these days? Old Bill asked old Tom. Got that widder there from main street This afternoon to embalm. And how’s the lineup looking? Old Tom asked old Bill. Still got a spot on Tuesday next I’m tryin’ hard t’ fill. You don’t sweat the small stuff Bill. Doc says Joe Dank is […]

The Woman Who Invented Love

She said we need another god to bow down to. One who can work over distance. We need a god that will hurl bouquets of flowers Or snuff your life out in an instant. This god must facilitate purchase Of all things great and small. And it wouldn’t hurt if the god of love Ruled […]

If You Don’t Know Same Shit Different Pile, You Just Don’t Know Shit.

Dude wished to wake up different. Better than his stupid old self. But he had so little to work with. Most of him still on the shelf. Dreamt of those selves. Waiting like elves. For their dreamer to dream them awake. They then scurry, no hurry, And in overnight flurries they Bake a new dude […]

God’s Never Wrong But This Dork Is No God

I said blue was my favorite color but I was wrong man, I was wrong. I said you and I would always be together but I was wrong man, I was wrong. You like other humans Just like me. And you want to love them Just like me. But I am the only human Can’t […]

Yo Moringa

She hit her baby in the mouth Witha big piece of dirt. Kinda shaped like a carrot. That dirt musta hurt becausa Kid made a face Devoid of nace. And outa place she Faced that face with Another graced with the Very scent of heaven! Ahh, they sighed, and Therein denied they Ever needed leaven. […]

Ya Chi

Something to trip over Before the tripper tripped. You go ahead and flip over That shit which you just flipped. Ma’am I am your chain. Missus I will gain. Your favor Naa-vor. If I let you reign. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

God Changes His Mind

He said let there be light And sparked up a candle. Then swung cat away From his moon. And though there was light Cat was struck by a shadow A dark edge reversed of high noon. Cat’s light was alright. But peer long into bright Found he darkness and light Would commune. Thank you, friend. […]

Imagine Yerself With Two Imaginations

Dude was beside himself with fear. Fear of being alone. But as soon as he remembered that He was also him, The fear, for now, was gone. Thank you, friend. Barry out.      

Livin’ The Long Day

The planet sent it’s emissaries out To make itself grow. Didn’t think what the emissaries wanted. Just didn’t think so. The emissaries too did not think about What the planet thought. As life above ground saw the Sky get sought. The emissaries all but forgot About their planet. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Grant Dat U?

You are a spy. Do you believe that I perceive otherwise? I spy two. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

There Was No Not Playing The Retailer’s Game

No one’s going to buy an eight Dollar piece of thickened paper. What’d think they’re nuts?! You think they’re deep in ruts? You think they’ve got no guts? That’s a lot of tut, tut, tuts. For someone with just one birthday. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Watch Out For Invisible Dragon Shit. It Will Hold You By The Cave Mouth.

He was hot to listen to. His gaze was hard. And he spoke real slow On full re-tard. He looked away but Right around and his Echoes bounced tho’ Not with sound. Added to the soup he was A seasoning and his Taste burned sweet like The daze ending. All wanted more so Pounded we […]

Yeah Well This Ain’t The Real World Buddy Boy!

Joe’s angry but he don’t look it. Laura didn’t buy her house. And here Loser Larry barks real loud But at home El El is a mouse. Neurosis is normal. Credit is king. You are not as real as Your real damn things. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Lord He Did Not Shine Like His Trumpet

A whistle came out That was never really in and the whistle seemed bent on The base of his chin. But, try as they might they couldn’t begin To find it. Thank you, friend. Barry out.