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Interpreting Boolshat

Yesterday, you fell flat on your face. Today you’re stinking up the place. Tomorrow’s filled with big disgrace. What’s a po’ boi to do? Maybe you’re all through… But no. You forge ahead even though you read All the signs that say road closed. Cause you’re the guy who knows. That ill wind always blows. […]

Keep Your Hands To Your Side When Handed Garbage

You got a red car boy And selfish galore. Got some crazy damn thinkin’, You do. And if the world weren’t so weird. Lettin’ crazy shit happen, I’d say you’re crazy, Ya you. Cause if your world is the real world Full of me’s and me, too. At’s a bit more damn garbage Than I […]

If You’re Cynical And You Know It, Raise Your Hands!

They all just sat there. No one did a thing. They’d seen this shit before. Numbers were up. Waiting to be called. Someone settling some score. So off in the distance, A thousand yard stare. They know in their hearts that This shit spreads from there. Lobotomies for free. One show at a time. You […]

Attraction, Affection, Attachment: Call It Love!

She was angry. Disgusted. Wanted him busted in a Thousand million pieces as Hostilities increase he says All this money on lawyers Drawn out and quartered They’re winning our fight but Love turned to spite doesn’t care Wrong from right. It’s attracted, affected and attached To it’s plight.  

When They Say Your Name Then Something

What did you mean by that?! Sonofabitch, take that back! You want another smack?! Mister, you watch that yap! Blah blah did this. Ya ya said that. Mama shoulda give him Waay more slaps! He sets traps yes. Then collapses. Into lapses. Pretend craps his School pants.

The Throwers Of Quill

Shit came out her eyes and nose. Tiny veins wrapped with pantyhose Couldn’t contain the poison, so… She hissed instead of speaking. You couldn’t help but see her tweaking. Even though she seemed so freaking Nice. Barry   image:  

Coming Full Circle You Goddamn Square?

  Man, you learn fast! Too fast to note. Future gonna get your bloody goat. Watch where you step. Don’t step out. Every damn swing lose a little clout. You no lout. Gitcha shit together and go about Your business. Business. Go about your business. Barry