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Mind The Yap Gap

People say and people do. More people say than do. To those folks, don’t be true. Don’t give them all of you. Don’t let them lead you through The smallest part of you And do not settle, do. Not.

I Spared Your Life Today Bitch

I could have strangled you. Kicked you black and blue. So fucking smug, you. Piss me off. You goddamn selfish bitch. I scratch your every itch. I helped you this tall which Gave you strength today To say fuck me. I think you’ll quickly see If you say fuck me It will, and you will […]

My God Goof, Use That Shame!

Ain’t wantin’ no shit from No one’s mouth ‘cept Inside my own head. You hear whut I said?! Voices?! Slewfoot, you bastard! I thought you wuz out there! But your underwear and Mine are the same size! Same eyes! Realized that You are IN me! Now I see I gotta fight you from my heart! […]

The Good Gland

Now I lay me down to sleep. I pray the Lord my soul to keep. Cause mine don’t work Like buddy the jerk Who called me a troll And that name’s toll Sent me on a roll That pushed my soul Aside. So me and buddy collide. I tell him open your ass wide I […]

They Got You By The Points!

She traded phones. Married a data hog. Not paying forty for three gigs Cause the fucking nig nog Can’t see that Wi-Fi hasn’t con Ected his phone. And now he’s slurping up Data that dadda don’t own. And he’s not alone! People have no home! But dey got dat phone… Dat dey own. Dats dey […]

Life: Easy To Learn. Difficult To Master.

GO! if you must and You must! Get up and get at’em. Come at and combat ’em! They’ll stop if you stop ’em. But you have to stop stopping. (But don’t stop on ’em) Keep hitting this and Keep hitting that and Won day you’ll meet Your master. Tip. Your. Hat.

This Thing Called Nice

You care. And share and wonder Where the rest of them Gain compassion. They seem inhuman and Only you man can turn their Hearts from stone. Slowly grind ’em and while they’re Blinded by your kindness They will follow. Love ain’t hollow. It’s summer fallow. Good ground to plant tomorrow!

Reeko Shay

Ya, you got one shot and You took it! You’re scared now and You look it! The womb was free and You shook it! You’re shooting now So lookit! Aim again and Bull-it! Will it! Hit it or reeko shay!    

The Future Must Be Held Fast

I’m older. Weaker. Slower. Smarter. Too agreeable. Too foreseeable. Too many times I’ve been there. Too far to reach. Too far to go. Too many words and Too much show. Too many people that Just don’t know. They’re sewing, sewing, sewing.  

See, God Is A Devil And The Devil Can Be Fun.

Pretend you’re not alone. Pretend that someone loves you. Pretend your life means something. Pretend you’re not pretending.

You Got Yer A.I. Travis

He looked real hard Into mirror so deep. Looked past the shyster anda Pervert creep. Looked at vibrations that were so Damn deep. Titanic isa bathtub shallow.

Big Man. Small World.

Holy shit there’s nothing out here! No one! Nada! Noot! We will rail a road into this place. We’ll make passengers and loot! Shit has hit the fan now. It’s the god of luck or fry. We’ll run the rapids with a mighty YA! Navigate the drowners or die. Made it now you lucky bastard! […]

Mister Brown’s Shadow

There’s a dent in the earth Wherever we walk and the Silence only breaks when Somebody talks and our mother Might warn us that slippery rocks But it don’t rock forever and Damn those rocks make for hard building. Barry

See The Inside Edge Of Your Eyes

Step back from your head. Just one step back. See that edge and Then look back. See, there’s a back to look to. You’re snug, inside. Enjoy the ride. Try not to collide With your outside. Barry  

Problems Have Two Sides

Before shits happens It looks like this. Once the rhubarb’s hit It looks like that. This can’t be seen from that. That only comes after this comes. Fact. And if ya don’t look back It just happens. Barry  

Hurtful Diligence

Send me the sign of mosquito. Let the beggar want my blood. Try and steal it from me not once but thrice. Intersection intersects with a thud. Barry  

The Purpose Of Life

If you ask what is the purpose of life You’re already on it. Barry

If You Ain’t Infected With Kaizen, Don’t Get In The Game.

Collaboration met competition and The two of them arm-wrestled. They each stood on the greenest grass And in each other’s sights, they fessed up. Rested untested like spilling the beans. No barred holds, no barriers. No stupid damn meetings. Sure, they damned the torpedoes and Then they took to the air. Dragged the future to […]

Prayers Are Wasted On Mister Brown

Mister Brown ain’t down for the count. No sir! Mister Brown is down for the fount. Oh ya! He’ll take a little sip. Maybe look around a bit… Mister Brown will then yawn and remount. Barry

You Don’t Have To Be Seen To Be Known

There’s a track in the dirt And it’s not from you. It’s a paw print and Your paws have shoes. Heading this way. That way, too. What’s this paw print Trying to do? Barry

They Called Him Cock And Asian But He Felt Contagion

  They say you’re sixty and white. You know that sixty ain’t right. But you ain’t no fighter, More like delighter And a star shining bright through the night. They say you’re short and you’re fat. They seem to get off doing that. You think that that isn’t rat. So you identify them as spoiled […]

He Had A Problem With Authority And Authority Had A Problem With Him

  He did better on his lonesome. Crowds, he found them loathsome. Hankered to be alone some. Pointers, he needed not. Stealthy, to not get caught. Opinions unsold or bought. A pathway clearly fraught With peril. Barry  

Pull It Out

You don’t know shit And you know it. You’re faking it all the way. Nodding your head, making eye contact. Hoping that you don’t say *** I don’t have a clue what you’re talking about! My head is way up my ass. If you think I know what I’m talking about You must be high […]

When You Represent Yourself

  You don’t look like anybody. If anything, they look like you. There is only one of you and To that one you must be true. You can think for yourself. Make up your own damn mind. You be the one who winds you up and You do the big unwind. Look at yourself as […]

If Fear Catches Me

  He didn’t want to be But he was, alone. Even his third man factor had gone. The wind bit his face. Dawgs on his arse. Getting was good but the good was sparse. Damning the torpedoes. Ziggin’ on the zag. Climbin’ out the box when it isn’t his bag. Barry

If You’ve Never Been To Heaven, Can You Tell Us What It’s Like?

He smoked marijuana. A lot of it. He and marijuana were a damn good fit. He could talk about it. Tell about it. See it for all it’s worth. But the folks who made marijuana laws Made marijuana hurt. Barry

Some Folks Get God And Other Folks, They Get Cancer.

  Life is a pantry. Filled or not filled. It’s shelves can be loaded Or everything spilled on The floor and the door The damn door will not open! And it’s you on the inside Hearing words not yet spoken Why would you? It’s useless… Your pantry door’s broken. Barry

Contrarian To The Rescue

Jesus you better not listen. Better not pay no mind. Cause if you do they’ll see you too They’ll find you and unwind You. Barry Nick Begich “DARPA Is Testing New Mind Control Technology On Unwitting Civilian Victims.”

The Monition Of Prem

Say what you think will happen. Maybe just speak your mind. Maybe your mind is onto something. Don’t be left behind. Barry

Son, Please Toil Diligently But Not For Those Cocksuckers.

Opportunity looks like a sinking ship. Bilge pump overtime. And salvage work, it ain’t so bad. Cleanin’ up mar-eyen. Mar-eyen? You know? This place you tend to go? And brought you everyone else there. Where you now reside, you know? So map it out then, mark your course. You are the wind, the oxen… horse. […]