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Life: Go Slow. There Are Curves Ahead

Shit happens all the time. That’s the job of shit. You get a little out of line Life will see to it That your comeuppance is on it’s way. It might not hit you square today. But when it does hit, you will say Why me Lord? Why me…? Don’t you see Lord, don’t you […]

Ya You Know Me Karma

He said there’s only so much internet. And you’re taking up alot. We replied the only internet we used Is the internet we bought. We own it. It’s ours. And if we want the internet To travel in our kar… We shall have the internet! And we will drive it far!

LSMA – Less Say More Action

A closed pie hole saves Itself for pie. It doesn’t interfere. It doesn’t ask why. Changes what it can. Mostly changes pie. Doesn’t pick up all the chunks Of a still not falling sky. Here to watch the show. Guess a plot unfolds like so. You don’t make it go. You’re just an actor.  

Bitch Boy Karma

There is a richochet. No matter what you say. Maybe not today, But it’s coming. If I were you, I’d start running. Not off from your mouth which Brought you so far south. Your north star can’t be seen. But see your tail now, Where have you been? And who in the hail has been […]

Manufacturing Gratitude

Get a life, my friend. Then almost lose it. Have some pain, my friend. Then slowly lose it. Work your fingers to the bone then Before you get home, Have some joker say “you’re gone!” And friend, you’re fired. Lose your job and then your house. Feel like a teeny mouse In a trap that […]

Fuck You This Is BARRY LAND!

Skid mark where there was none. Chip dip on the dim sum. Come git ifya want some. Buddy don’t store no water. Bill your damn like ya otter. Savin’ up fo’ some dream. Ain’t quite easy lak it seems. Gotta firss have dat dream.