On The Tracks Of A Train Called “You R Fucked”

It was hard, so hard…

And it was all uphill.

Never any grub to eat

They just brought the bill.

Complain? What’s that?

And how you go about it?

Quietly, or is it shouted?

And wouldn’t we surely be outed?

As them who cannot stand alone?

Will not make it on our own?

Won’t they throw a dawg a bone?

No. They won’t.

Cause these folks don’t

Don’t believe in sharing.

To them, that would be daring

Happenstance to strike them down.

Put them on their knees.

Then they would be as big as you.

They might be forced to please

A master now beyond themselves.

Then they, like you, would think, oh well…

That’s just the way the cookie crumbles

Life’s a trip so full of stumbles

Fall now with your hands out.

Save yourself.

Don’t ask for help.

Time to tighten up your belt.

Hoist those bootstraps!

Give ’em hell!

Now, you might just make it.

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