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The Investment

A blow-up bed that Wouldn’t stay blowed up. Bills stacked up to the sky. Tracks in the snow not made by he And no one saying what or why. No guarantees. No mentor. Just do it till it works or There’s the door. As before. Ain’t no score To settle. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Problem Solving Skills Birthed From Blood, Sweat And Tears.

Shit storms don’t end they Just let up for a bit. And if you are the talented type You can sneak between the shit Droplets squiggling down life’s pane To pool in hot hissy fits again. Watch that puddle. Watch your mouth. Stem bad words as They come out. No umbrella. No rain hat. Just […]

Meef Irst

He couldn’t even say it. It would fill him too much up. There was nothing to run over. There weren’t no goddamn cup. He was a tube-a. Shit fell through him. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

You. Regulator.

Reality is one way. You are another. A babe of Mrs. Nature but She is not your mother. You march to a walking sound A drum beat made by feet Upon a major entity You are keen to greet. And work with. And shape. And if your marching satisfies You will soon escape. The confines […]

Your Phone Is Dead. Your Payment’s Late. What’s A Good Phone To Do?

Oh if dad were alive He’d know what to do. Dad’d know what to do. He’d start with a bitta wet wood And, A few dampish catalog pages. And gas. A bucket full ‘o gasoline! An man he’d toss that gas anda Damn matches too… Anda whole bloody thing explode! Sure ya you got your […]

Madam, If You Are Dead Stop Laughing!

Life starts. Hope it overlaps. Then it kicks your arse when Life’s the craps. But you don’t wax. Life packs unpacks. Your bags. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Micro Macro – Keep Shit Separate

Many planets. Many tribes. Many people. Many organs. Making contact. Keeper Dee Stance. Thank you, friend. Barry out.