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All Plans Are Made Of Shit

Something stinks about a calendar. Like the numbers don’t add up. The days don’t rhyme The months don’t match People have had enough. We oughta go back To writing on sand. That’s where our plans work out. And if they don’t Nobody knows. Nothing to scream or shout. Just takin’ each day as each day […]

A Dugout, A Fence and The Abattoir.

Moo! Said one guy. The others’ mooed too. They didn’t notice they were standing in poo. Even if they did, what could they do? Surrounded by a fence With no damn gate. Couldn’t see the open field Or hints about their fate. They thought things were great. The farmer had their backs. Their carcasses and […]

That Feeling Of Throwing Out

Welled up inside him Could not stop it. Swallowing won’t work Air has no profit. Listen, just drop it! Stop it From coming up Coming out Don’t say today please Don’t tease me with pleasantries Hit me with the question Have I learned my lesson? Or is sombody taking my space?

Please Mind Don’t Leave Me

I know you slip away When my eyes are closed. And sometimes you return so slow When I think I have arose. Desert me in mid sentence Blank my meeting eyes. Make them ask me questions Then allow me no replies. You scatter brain me Can’t retrain me You see I see You are gone. […]

Ya The Future’s Right Here

The earth looks flat, but it’s not. The game seems rigged, but it’s not. The bastards smile when they’re caught Living in the cookie jar. They go so very far To prove to you. It ain’t what they do. They will pooh pooh pooh. Any light shone. Where they’ve gone. To the bathroom right in […]

When You Feed Instead Of Fed

Oh you wit ideas. Mister Answer, you. You don’t grab de shovel. Til dey tell you to. You drive to de bargain. Do not leave day home. And while dey trapse in circles. You spend time on loan. You know how dey goin’.

You Fucking Fuck With Me Fucker And Fuck Boi You Be Fucked!

When you sleep with dogs, Ats ruff. When you grit your teeth. Enough. When you look too screen. With no in between. Maybe inside scream Saying Take me to the bathroom! Answer me making love. Look me in the camera. I’m every face you made. I know your voice and How you write. When you […]

Move Like You’re Made Of Fluid

Tommy was a big bagga shit. Buthe was used to it. Waddle ovet there. Shinny uppa stair. Splash himseff down. Boilin’ point is found. Naw dig yourself a hookin’ point or Vapor out now.  

Tastes Like Outer Space

Dude couldn’t lick an astro not. Wouldn’t be caught With his glass down. He’d frown. But no sound. Would come. He’d be done. No more pay as a astro not. And that life’s fraught With Dee Saster.      

Ain’t No One Judges Me Harsh Like You Lawd

He carried his personal hell right with him. And heaven in his right front pocket. One lid heavy from the genes of burden. One wide eye bursting from it’s socket. Curious. why. no. one’s. curious. Wondering why no one’s wondering. History don’t repeat but they sure do and No. one. sees. the. blundering. He did, […]

They Scared Them Silly So Silly Wouldn’t Scare Them

  The knife just ticked the edge of her head. Damn, it was great to be alive! Throw the knife mister, throw it hard! Ya hear the bees buzzing in their hive? Afraid me, mister. Make me afraid! I want to skat my pants in fear! Shock me, mister. Do me harm! Shock me here […]