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Tastes Like Outer Space

Dude couldn’t lick an astro not. Wouldn’t be caught With his glass down. He’d frown. But no sound. Would come. He’d be done. No more pay as a astro not. And that life’s fraught With Dee Saster.      

Ain’t No One Judges Me Harsh Like You Lawd

He carried his personal hell right with him. And heaven in his right front pocket. One lid heavy from the genes of burden. One wide eye bursting from it’s socket. Curious. why. no. one’s. curious. Wondering why no one’s wondering. History don’t repeat but they sure do and No. one. sees. the. blundering. He did, […]

They Scared Them Silly So Silly Wouldn’t Scare Them

  The knife just ticked the edge of her head. Damn, it was great to be alive! Throw the knife mister, throw it hard! Ya hear the bees buzzing in their hive? Afraid me, mister. Make me afraid! I want to skat my pants in fear! Shock me, mister. Do me harm! Shock me here […]