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Long Goodbyes

Okay, I love you and Good bye. Good bye. The weather is fine and Don’t lie, don’t lie. I know you don’t remember. Don’t remember, don’t remember. So you peat and repeat. Over and over and Even though you shoo’d me off Told me wait through spit and cough. Mom, I love you lots! The […]

You Could Have Said “I Love You”, But You Didn’t.

Noise was what they made And he made none. Some of them had no clue And he was one. Just make a little noise See how noise can enhance joys Then be one of the boys Who loves someone.

Livin’ Echoes

I should say I love you But I won’t. And you won’t say you love me, ‘Cause I won’t. When I love you so much… You love me so much. I make me feel your touch. It’s not as much…

In Talks-ication

Why do some people love each other? While other people couldn’t be bothered? Why don’t we carry band aids? Reassure when they’re afraid? Why don’t we bring the aid Before it’s needed? Why can’t we feel the call Before it’s heeded? Cause we’ve got this one parade. Before we all get laid To rest, but […]

Love A Mile Wide And One Inch Deep Is Good

“Whose it gonna be?” “Your husband or your sister?” Said the mother fucker holding a gun. I love my husband but average says He’s gonna die before me. Says mom. My sister and I could take cruises and such. My husband wantsa couchie coo. Me, I’d love ta see the world if I could So […]

Mile Wide Love

This bag’s wet. You can still punch through. Course, on the outside Nothin’ to do. Can’t punch in. Bin punched out. Now your punchin’ Got no clout. Pally, now, what you all about?    

The Rogue Tiger

There are people in this world Who are nicer than nice. With mouths not full of shit And hearts not filled with ice. They speak words of kindness Safety and concern. They live by their golden rule To never gouge or burn Their customers, whom love them back And promise to return. Barry

God Is Watching You. Man’s In Space And If You Lie Big There’s No Disgrace!

  He said Ya, right there, I feel something too! What it is and what it do? He wondered if others felt this too? Then a name came to him… Call it Voodoo. Or maybe call it love. Or home sickness. Maybe name the land and Let the citizens bless The ground they walk on. […]