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This Shit Is Real

That rock that flew by Thrown by that guy That rock so close to deadly Was not real. See, the rock that did not hit me. Was not of this reality. If it was, and I was faster It would have hit me.

A Little Bitty Prick Let Me Down

Hey get ready for a space invasion! THEY are commin’! You’ll see something! Shit will blow your mind! You will then unwind. Take me to your leader! Then you’ll greet her Bow to an Angel. Listen then you go Bitch we love you to our death. We reget You can bet Anyone of us who […]

Without The Edge

The outside has it’s limitations. They look right back at you. They’re closing in Coming at you fast. There’s nothing you can do. But get inside. Stay safe way in. Step closer to where you are Not been. Get to where no sight has seen. Inside, where you’re safe.

See The Outside From Insight

This wool is not a thread but it Will wind up on a bed As a mattress cover. This thread is not a sheet but as A hood, that thread will keep A Grand Wizard’s name secret. It’s just a thread… That hood, it must stay hidden and For that, they need trees willing To […]

Sorry Non Karmic Believers

Thank you mister po-po at the all vehicle check-check stop. Thank you for succumbing to Karma. Thank you pair of cops, out fucking the dog. What an easy score I would have made. For the Lazy Duo an me packin’ life ‘o. Sittin’ back ‘o. Not tobacco. It ain’t crack ho. Gitten on track doh. […]

Frayed Not

He heard that the world was ending. Or at least his world was ending and They’d be sending him out the room The room where everything looks Like this. He could kiss this real Goodbye and maybe try to See this new real. This really-real deal. That leap plus yesterday leads here T’was the future […]

Heaven Is Hexagonal

Translucent walls, each with a door. Cells of life with a live neighbor. They swim thru space Sometimes crashing. Still can’t figure Teeth a’ knashing People bashing the Hands of time saying Turn back now! Don’t care how! Just Do it. Do it! Do it! But, time won’t turn back. Give it all your flack. […]

Some Actors Do More Than Break A Leg

Luke, I am yer fahdah! You can go to the movies or The movies can come to you. The movies don’t care which road they take They just want to climb inside you. They laugh. You laugh. They cry. You cry. They lie. You buy. Yay! You’re going to the movies…!   JFK – The […]

Boredom As A Business

  There were lotsa pills for anxiety. And pills for feeling blue. There were pills for fear and omnipotence. And pills to make you you. How ’bout drinks to give yourself energy? Or some drinks with happy inside? You could drink to soften your stool. Or get an ass two axe handles wide. You might […]

For First Time Live-ers

Let’s say this is your first day on the job. How you know what to do? How many times you lived this life before? Same. Barry

NASA You Bastard!

I got up early. Stayed up late. Now I learn the Moon landing’s fake?! The earth is flat? Mickey Mouse ain’t real? C’mon Masons, what’s the deal? Thank you, friend. Barry out.

You Could Go Back But Never Return

Every step. Every look. And not one step or look Misstook. Everyone figured into each play. Each adding up, up to today. And yes it matters What you say. Thank you, friend. Barry out.