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Got Fam?

Buddy knew he had no friends Who made amends Who now pretends That they have friends aplenty. Who seldom get so cunty. Say, you’re a twit. And, to think of it You might qualify for re-tard. Cause, you’re yard… Don’t go to your house.

The Damn Thing Broke When I Was

No! Goddammit! Not today! Yelled at the spirits that awful day. Yes, they stayed because of their payday. And chickens coming home to roost… A wee sip of booster juice. Then remember how so square Your plan is to reason. There isn’t a season On killing your hunger To slide those asunder. You smile and […]

Same Circus, Different Town.

He waved and smiled and said He didn’t do it. You ain’t pinnin’ this one on me. He said I have bent backwards. I’ve twisted and tumbled. I am locked, I can never be me! They said this is you, now. This now is you. A lifetime of acting is how you get through This […]

Okay It’s A Loop

Same, same, same, the old dude said. He was blind as he tapped on his own damn head. Couldn’t see where His train of thought was headed. He just went that way… Was that way… Got no say. Ain’t no playin’. That’s today an Tamorry too.      

South Heading Shit

Let’s say you’re unaware. Because you are. Say the universe is big And you’re a star. Stars burn out and Stars collide. This shit tastes bad but Open wide. You have lived and You have died. Dead are the stars who Fear collide so ya, Take it in, Take it all in stride.     […]

So Much Has To Stay The Same If Big Change Is What You Want

Your tires need air and Your motor, oil. Leave your gas cap on or Your gas will spoil. Your lights light up and your Steering wheel turns. Easy on the pedal or Your rubber will burn. Combustion hasta happen or Your gears won’t spin. Muffle out explosions or Chances are slim that You’ll hear the […]

The En-Tire Human Race

That tire, she’s a wobble. That tire lose her tread. That tire outa balance. This tire air bin bled Outa that tire, into thin air. That tire sidewall bulging there. This tire Out a alignment. Squealin’ lika pig. That tire low ‘n flappy. That tire done it’s gig. Here tire new and shiny. No tire […]

How Wonderful Daily Pain

  When eyes crack open The dawn of day Begins the method You will pay For existence. It ain’t free. And it’s not all that you can be. Let life flow and you will see that Shit can go downhill fast. Barry