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I Told You Five Seconds

Span’s gettin’ shorter. Old dude said. Climbin’ through yer winder. Organize yer head. Same damn messagez Still gettin’ in! Micro-burstin’ synapse routes Like at ain’t a sin…

Carving Out A Space For Yourself

Let’s say you’re nobody. That’s a start. Gives you some ‘in To pick apart. Cause if you don’t Those beggars will. Beat ’em to it. Better still. Remake yourself. Champagne from swill.    

Ya He’d Scrap The Captain For Mister Brown

It’s an ill wind that blows When the windows ain’t closed. And it’s better seen far from the outside. Inside, she’s like nature. All curvy and straight. Have a good hold yourself When you open that gate. Hold it open. Keep it open. The penned up can’t wait. Barry

Poor People Watchin’ The Rich People Prey Thought “It Gotta Be Workin’ For Them”

  Bow your head for a moment afore you eat that meal. Shit’s mighty hot and the younguns squeal If we feeds it too fast It’ll burn yer mouth Then you soon forget what Eatin’s about. Barry

You Could Be A Million People

  One second later and you wouldn’t be you. The person who’d be here would stand in for you. No one would know that you didn’t arrive. You wouldn’t know you weren’t alive. It’s still the same each and every day. You might wake up but another you stays Dead. And will stay dead until […]

A Different Color From The Same Flashlight

A signal, but no one’s there. Why we even have to care is as Scary as the way that shit became The way it is. It’s an old story but that’s biz. You work to remain stable and you can until you’re able To see that this normal ain’t as normal as it seems. It […]

Choose Your Chaos Or Your Chaos Will Chose You

  You’ll not do it! Organized you… Point the direction of every shoe. You’ll not do it! It will drive you and You’ll be forced to Boil inside, You will stew and How else you gonna Do it? Organized you… That place where the rubber meets the road? Rubber placed by fast stops and fast […]

You Got Your Higher Ups

  It was tippy-toe time… Baby does what momma wants. Momma does what daddy wants. Daddy hates his new soop, John. John can’t stand vice president Ron. Ron would love to strangle his mother-in-law Dawn. Dawn knows Ron hates her but how she fake fawns! Ron’s wife was her sister whom she knows belongs In […]

Every Shitty Fan Is Covered In Shit And Wisdom, Depending On Where You Look.

  Jesus, I could have used your name Twenty or thirty years ago. But you ducked under Under my shadow. You wouldn’t let me know. Hung out in that fourteenth beer. Countless times drove me safely here. I asked for you, you disappeared. Back then, I could have used you. You were hidden behind if […]

I Know Yer Hurt But Can Ya Graba Gunboy?

See, people talk from a distance. What distance is that is? You mutter, softy, alone to yourself. You don’t even know what gives! Barry  

No One Gives Two Shits About Your Diligence

Boo hoo for that lonely soldier. Marching there, on guard. She stands for loyalty, courage and country, Whom don’t know she works hard. Hard to please. Hard to free. Hard in degrees, Like her parents were before. Because hardness boy, tempered toy, useful goy. Two four urgent quiet, no assistance required. You know, let her […]

Ain’t No Supper Like Breakfast

When one saviour don’t wirk There’s another. When another savior don’t wirk You’ll discover. You are the savior man. You do what saviors can. Look to yourself Other than Those times when it’s time to save another. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

It Scares Me How Little I Know

Thirty one souls on the good ship Williams. Where’s the captain we’re ready to load? ! Thirty one souls?! My gawd, who called them? I wouldn’t be so bold! They came, they saw and all the rest. They stopped looking at your behest. And now you point out this big mess. Mister, give us divergence. […]

The Birth Of Anser Aurea

Ah ya shit ya beggar! Shit’n begone! Step’n inya shit naw, Shit’n begone! Shit’n over lush lawn… C’mon! C’mon! Thank you, friend. Barry out.    

Yabutt Can You Be Yourself?

These people needed him to like them. He didn’t, and he told them so. They’d call him mean and nasty. He’d have to stop them with whoa, whoa, whoa! His eyebrows bushed as if they’d pushed A hairy button nobody saw. He’d look ’em square, Right in the peepers. Grip ’em by the shoulders with […]

Don’t Party On Yer Birthday

Birthdays are for looking at photos. Thanking friends and dredging good memories. Take it slow and slack on party day But birthday hard every day. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

See Now Say You Don’t See Me

Open your eyes. They’re closed. See? You’ve got something in them! That’s why they’re closed. They’re pretecting those Cut off at the pass, ahem. Thank you, friend. Barry out.  

No Sir. Stop The Sun.

You’ll have to go through me To see Bill. Bill ain’t seen by no one till. See me to see Bill. You don’t want to see him. Least not very much. If you did, you’d go through me Just to get in touch. Get it? Thank you, friend. Barry out.  

There’s One Set Of Rules For The Ruled

Rich or poor, it don’t matter. If you listen to the mad hatter, Your glass housa freedom will shatter. And you will hafta stay at her. So slip on your yoke and stoppa chatter. What you think now, It don’t matter. Thank you, friend. Barry out.  

Father, If You Can See This.

My dad went to heaven. Where everything’s better ‘n good. Nobody talking back to him. People listen like they should. Jesus askin’ pops a million questions. Just so much that Jesus doesn’t know! See, this here is my father’s heaven. They got time and my lord daddy’s on a roll! Thank you, friend. Barry out. […]

The Reign Of Self

Show them how to listen. Listen and watch and learn. Show them how to enjoy the sun Without suffering a bad sunburn. Show them how the wind sets sails. Show them how the wind can gale. Let them frolic in a friendly gust then Show them there’s a time to bail. Let ’em play at […]