Cats And Dogs And Cows And You

Take a quick peek around your humble abode.

Look at everything. The pictures, frames, glass, walls, paint, furniture, shellac, light fixtures, carpet, stupid little ornaments…

Take a long, hard look at your environment. And then slowly come to the realization that YOU HAVE NO PART IN IT!

You didn’t make SHIT!

Like the humble squirrel, you just brought it here, to this place you call home.

You. Don’t. Make. Your. Life.

You just live it…

But if you want to stop living like y’herd, you gotta stop accepting shit as it is.

You gotta change something.

Change your world, you change yourself.

Change yourself and choose your world.

Make it one that’s better fit for cats and dogs and cows and y’all.

In sanity,

Your friend Barry.

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