Cause Of Death For Everyone: OverDose

Ain’t no denying that something kills us.

For most of us though, our demise is subliminal and hard to recognize on account of it being too slow for stuff to properly add up.

But add up it does and we continue to O.D. on some pretty surprising things:

  • More time than our futures have lines to draw
  • More wrinkles and pain-friends than Hector has pills
  • More frustration than we can safely run between parked careers
  • More disrespect than is dodge-able so our heart stings have offspring
  • too much wine
  • Too many waves of chaos drown our minds with uncertainty
  • Too much boredom with just the bad stuff continually repeating.

The lesson for us to be aware of with any of our

Do-se-do doses is how much of anything we

Are prepared to accept because

Everything has its limit

And that definitely

Applies to us

Too so what

The hail Is it?

Thank you, friend.

Barry out.



4 Responses to “Cause Of Death For Everyone: OverDose”

  1. This is really interesting. People sometimes push beyond their limits to test their true potential.
    ankit malik recently posted..Ankit Malik and Merudh Patel at Multiply Customers

  2. Ats what ahm trying to do here. Push people’s limits.

  3. Better take everything in moderation and try to visit your physicians to avoid overdose…cheers….
    Ricci Sionil recently posted..Health Insurance Reform From Easytoinsureme Health Insurance Quotes

  4. Anything worth doing is worth doing to excess. Thats what someone told me and I relieve him.

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