Changing The World Is As Easy As Choosing A Different Favorite Color


Every boat has a captain and whatever he / she says is law.

The thinking goes that in order to maintain some semblance of certainty, this is the way it must be.

For a few sailors under Cappy’s direct command it will be quite easy to see

First hand how unlikely and difficult it is to alter the skipper’s opinion

Even with the pressure of opposing consensus from each person

On the bridge. This maritime and all too human need to

Command and control while enjoying the aim of

Providing confidence and predictability has

Proven fatal on too many voyages when

The power pilot’s understanding of

Basic human nature has proven

Lacking. Too many lives have

Been needlessly wasted

By deluded authority

Destroying every

Opportunity for


and survival.

Thank you, friend.

Barry out.



5 Responses to “Changing The World Is As Easy As Choosing A Different Favorite Color”

  1. Ask anyone why they should change their favorite color and the first thing they will ask is: “Why should I?”

  2. I asked my wife if she would consider choosing a new favorite color which is purple.

    She indignantly replied that she would not. Why do I ask?

    No reason I said.

  3. My wife’s favorite color is purple. Mine is clear.

  4. Yeah, I forgot about that.

    Clear. Just like Ron L. Hubbard.

  5. Brrr.

    L. Ron…

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