Coupled Harmonics – The Correct Noise From Another Can Curdle And Spill Blood

Some folks think about killing their mate or some other “dear” friend.

But, the same way tons of employees contemplate telling their boss to fuck off,

they don’t. And why don’t they? Because the exact right thing was not

said or the maneuver which causes one to “freak out” as in “I

just lost it on dude ass!” was not undertaken because if

it was you may be assured that shit would quickly

get upside-down and right about here is where the walls start tumblin’.

Thank you, friend.

Barry out.

Oh, its all fun and games until someone looks the wrong way…

9 Responses to “Coupled Harmonics – The Correct Noise From Another Can Curdle And Spill Blood”

  1. I told you not to say that shit to me.

    Didn’t I?


  2. What the fuck people got to go and say that shit for?!

    Goddammit that was just totally unnecessary and now motherfucker’s got me vibratin’!


  3. That sumbitch is lucky to be out of my motherfucking perview or some bad lickin’ would get laid on motherfuckers ass!

    I don’t mean with my facebitch!


  4. Saying that shite…

    Did you hear what dude had the balls to dribble?


  5. You didn’t hear that shite?!

    Fucking shit was BAD. I mean dudes Fucked!

    An you didn’t hear that shit…

    What the fuck…

    Hope I wasn’t imagining shit because I capped dude’s ass already…

    Shit. Are you sure you didn’t hear anything?

    Huh. Fuck.

    I’m fucked.


  6. (dull thuds of aircraft hitting treetops)
    (whoop whoop pull up, whoop whoop pull up) low altitude warning

    End of transcript.


  7. Watch your sharps and flats.

    They can have us singing a different tune than what we intend.



  8. The people we should really be afraid of live:

    1. In our homes and

    2. In our skin plus

    3. In anyone’s skin we can really get under.


  9. Consider this a twigger.

    U know, twigging onto things?


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