Crazy Itself Is Difficult To Describe But Its Relatively Easy To Display

gargoyle with hands on face

Many folks have experienced feeling “out of sorts.”

By that they are remarking that there is a central

point in our existence which, when we are out

of that groove, creates a feeling of unease

in the experiencer. During that time of

“out of synch” reality it is possible

for anyone to get themselves

between here and a hard

place not to mention how dimensional collusion can affect perceptions.

Thank you , friend.

Barry out.

Whoa! This dude from Regina, Saskatchewan is OUT THERE!

My  parents left me at home with this god damn giant, a rooster in a bag and the tallest motherfucking giraffe you ever seen!

9 Responses to “Crazy Itself Is Difficult To Describe But Its Relatively Easy To Display”

  1. Life was better when they automatically put LSD in the water.


  2. dimensional collusion – you knew fucking well this choice was available but didn’t invest the consideration of taking it.

    Now you took another route and you are fucking hating yourself for it.

    Guess what?

    Route Next Dead Ahead!


  3. Think about it!

    Think about Route Next lak you have never thought about nuttin.

    Think hard.

    Think quietly.

    Imagine the worst and see if you can leeb with the middlin.

    Then think expansion.


  4. And don’t forget about everyone else.


  5. Cause they’re not thinking lak u


  6. yes sir, no sir, three bags full sir.

    this here is responding.


  7. responding and thinking are two different things.


  8. voters respond by voting


  9. I’d love to see your writing, agent p.

    I know you do.


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