Da Sheep Is a-Leaving. Are You On or Off Pal?

There was talk of hush money.

I need money.

A LOT of money. Millions.

How much money are we talking, I asked.

Dude says two million. To do NOTHING. And maybe more to keep it that way.

Finally! A solid official job. Gee, dad would sure be proud of me now…

Two mil for nada. To do nothing.

Maybe just show my wiener-hood is all. (to start, anyway)

But no, here I am, stuck below deck now with you.

Still thinking the sheep can be ours.

Thank you, friend.

Barry out.

Y’all musta forgot.

2 Responses to “Da Sheep Is a-Leaving. Are You On or Off Pal?”

  1. Wiener Gate is not a sexual term.

    It’s a smokescreen.

    Like O J Simpson.

  2. Folks make a comeback everyday.

    I’m goan git me some ‘o dat.

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