Day Different

Once a year

This old guy comes

Aknockin’ at my door.

Says I know we spoke

Last year my son

And now we speak

Once more.

Says when we spoke

You lived in hope and

I’ve come to see

if you’re still there.

Said to the old beggar

That was then and

This here’s now.

Today we meet in despair.


Says the beggar quick back.

You fooled me not.

Last year I met you there!


You and your hope in despair!

You were there year last.

Still there!

Buddy now…

Still there! Still there! Still there!

Thank you, friend.

Barry out.

2 Responses to “Day Different”

  1. Was last year worth it or is it gonna be a do over?

  2. Celebrate TY LY with me. This year. Last year.

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