Destiny? Destiny Who?

My wife mucho talks to herself.

She talks back to herself, too.

Me, I tippy, tap, tap, tap.

Are we both crazy?

Thank you, friend.

Barry out.

2 Responses to “Destiny? Destiny Who?”

  1. Lawrence Townley-Smith of Regina, Saskatchewan is one of my scientific hero types.

    As a research scientist with the Canadian government this fucking guy actually CARES about our planet.

    Son-of-a-pupster risks his future government benefits to try to do the right thing and he travels all over hell’s half acre to do it.

    Like I said, dudes a weirdo.

    As a person whom I have interacted with and learned from (gratis) for over twenty years, I salute you, Sir Globe Changing Lawrence!

  2. Morton Lindsey Mitchell. (my brother-in-law)

    I could not have learned more about how the world works or why we must struggle against greed from anyone like I have from this dude.

    He embodies service to the point of servitude. In everything. First guy up cleaning tables at family functions, washing dishes, driving people around. You know the type. Wife’s the same way.

    Yep, I know some bad folks.

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