Disagreement Is Not Allowed And You Know It

Say WHAT?!

You watch that mouth mister!

After hearing this warning a few times even a thick skulled kid like me got the point.

Briefly it was: if they can see you they don’t want to hear you but when they DO want to hear from you they prefer it to be You Bet followed by Right Away.

Sure, it was slow to sink in for me but once I got it – I GOT IT. Disagreement was definitely NOT encouraged.

Throughout my life I attempted to implement the same snappy systems of requiring automatic approval from relationship partners brave enough to hang with me and before I knew it, all the people I disagreed with were nowhere to be seen.

Two can play the game of disapproval, they said vanishingly…

Of course now I disagree with nearly everything I disagreed with back then.

Even some stuff from yesterday.

Thank you, friend.

Barry out.

Disagreement has fostered some great tunes along with its mitt-ful of pain.

And here’s where the mitt-ful of pain or maybe a ripped off leg comes in: Watch this documentary which clearly shows that no one has the right to disagree. NO ONE.

Into The Fire – G 20 Summit in Toronto, Canada. Documentary of the event.

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  1. amazing stuff thanks

  2. Thank you, too.

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