Don’t Tell Me You Won’t Change Your Mind

Some folks claim they can’t just “change their mind” like that.

They’re mistaken.

They CAN and WILL and I can prove it.

Lets say you saunter into a nice restaurant where hungry people are obviously enjoying the ambiance and the food.

Everyone seems friendly, happy and satisfied.

What is your opinion of this eatery?

Now, lets follow one of the talented and attentive waitresses to the back of the room, through the swinging entrance doors to the kitchen. Veering left as our able guide heads right, we find ourselves in the steamy heart of the restaurant with all its boiling, toiling and troubling.

There, looming over a large pot of creamy brown broth is the head chef, splendid in his white garb and telltale flompy hat and just as we approach him, the big man gutturally dislodges and hoarks an impressive loogie into the bubbling chow.

As if oblivious to our presence, der Chef then fingers his flared nostrils and flings his findings into what must surely be stew.

Now what is your opinion of this dive?

Want to grab some lunch?

Thank you, friend.

Barry out.

3 Responses to “Don’t Tell Me You Won’t Change Your Mind”

  1. That made me re-think ever going to a restaurant again. Point well taken.
    Hansi recently posted..Dear Hansi

  2. People change their minds everyday about something.

    Otherwise, we’d all be sitting around in poopee pants.

    Thanks for visiting Hansi, I appreciate it.

  3. That reminded me of the horrible urban myth, about someone who insults an indian/chinese waiter, then eats a curry dish served up with 6 different types of semen. 😯 I told you it was horrible.

    Upsetting himself in Leamington Spa, England
    John McNally recently posted..Google &amp Alexa TRAFFIC Update

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