Drinking, Driving & Killing is Wrong But Most DUI Charges Only Create More Victims


Roadside Sobriety Test

Alcohol sensors CANNOT be built into vehicles as as easy as tire pressure gauges can. No Way!

Gotcha Red Handed Nigger!

That phrase rings non-stop the world over at a million regular check-stops. (every big border got ’em)

Catching law breakers on account of their skin color is easy. Catching the beggars screwing little kids or purposely hurting folks is a tad tougher.

No doubt about it though, humans perish on account of drunk driving everyday but quite a few more unsuspecting citizens bite the bullet regular style from mixing it up with sober drivers and weapon / bad intention aimers.

Ain’t a day passes without sober someone being run over or into by tired and distracted vehicle operators and these non alcohol related accident victims comprise the majority of all things struck by vehicles.

It’s easy to see why we focus on warped sobriety or unpopular skin color to determine guilt. Both these situations are long lasting and easy to measure while tired, incompetent or just plain stupid are waay tougher to put a number on.

But anyone with half a clue understands that not all measurements are the same and no single stick works for every carrot.

So why in the world do we torch folks who ain’t caused no harm? Just because they’re this year’s witches is all.

Thank you, friend.

Barry out.

Down here i will provide solid evidence that capturing drunk drivers does little to stem the flow of drunk driving accidents. Putting them in prison for the carnage they cause only adds to the problem. Why don’t we just put a trigger lock on this big bad blunder? Maybe because there is more to the alcohol and driving thing than first meets the eye?

http://www.duipictures.com/statisti.htm questionable impaired driving in US stats

http://www-nrd.nhtsa.dot.gov/Pubs/811016.PDF good info from National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (United States)

Are you fucking kidding? This guy is a pioneer. Ain’t arrows, it’s who shoots ’em.


6 Responses to “Drinking, Driving & Killing is Wrong But Most DUI Charges Only Create More Victims”

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  2. Good for you…I think.

  3. I believe these charges just create more victims. And I don´t think that´s necessary. There are so many victims already. The government should come up with something new

  4. True that! The carnage caused by sober finger pointing is huge but social guilt keeps it hidden. If we’re trying to reduce suffering, this ain’t how…

  5. Yes, I believe that most of the times.

    These charges just create more victims. And make it all harder

  6. Most people drive stupid meaning they follow the follower without thinking outside their boxcar. Look at the statistics. If we want to save lives, let’s reduce the stress that demands stress reduction thru alcohol or zoning out. And stop creating killer road designs for gawds sake!

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