Dude Can Not Be Connected. He Don’t Got Accord.

telephone cord bundle

Many folks today forget that we were all hitched to ground communication not long ago.

There was no such thing as roaming all about while talking

to your friend unless that person happened to be

Dick Tracy and some big deal was unfolding.

There was a time when people thought

that space was defined by the stuff

in it but now all those beliefs

are poo-pooed because

even kids know that the end is running away from us.

Thank you, friend.

Barry out.


Wait a minute! That’s our last plank you’re walking!

3 Responses to “Dude Can Not Be Connected. He Don’t Got Accord.”

  1. The end of what? There is no end. CBS continues after they cancel a show.

    Countries exits after their dictators die.

    Michael Jackson still owns clothes.


  2. A land line. WTF is a land line?


  3. Everybody needs many phones.

    One will not do for long. Even if it works and don’t get stolen it soon becomes garbage.


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