Dude Saw The Shadow Of A Monstrosity Lying In Wait For Him


Up ahead…

Quiet. We’ll sneak up on it.

Shh, I said!

Jesus! Don’t you know the meaning of shh?!

Sorry, he whispered.

Jesus, I whispered back.

Shut the fuck up!

You’ll scare it away!

You bastard, you’ll scare it away…


Yeah, you’d like that.

To scare it away.

Before I even got a chance to see what it was.

You’d like that cause I’d be like you.

You can’t see yours either, so why should I see mine.

Right? That’s how you and everyone thinks.

If I can’t see mine, then why should they theirs?


No mine then for certain no theirs.


Well, not me.

I’m still looking. You’ve fooled me not.

Ima look and keep looking and look!

I’ve seen a piece of it’s shadow and I nearly saw it,

So I’m excited and anxious to reveal.

You look the other way. Turn your head if you must.

But I’m looking because I might have found mine.

You keep glancing sideways, pretend there’s nothing to see.

And I’ll tell you what I see once I see it.

Cause I will.

I saw it’s shadow and by god, I’ll see IT!


Thank you, friend.

Barry out.

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