Falling Trees Give One Lesson Only Before Pinning Their Prey To The Mat

boat made from tree

Most folks know that timber has bark but few contemplate its bite.

Lumberjacks very survival depends on their implicit understanding of the power of wood and like their native cohorts who adoringly harvested the forest for many eons before them, they so deeply revere their provider that special plans are always assembled to ensure proper containment of the incredible and often unpredictable forces

about to be unleashed. These plans address in depth the safety of every 

reaper and in the early native’s case also accounted for the soul of the

target which compelled all participants to glorify a particular tree

with much fuss, pomp and ceremony and then at the height

of their worshiping to scoot without warning directly to

a nearby tree which would swiftly be cut down. Of

course, every other proximate tree pal in the

immediate forest fainted but once the

adeptly handled birthing process

was concluded, the very tree

which had been spared

will be instrumental

in cheering its neighbors who soon want more timber time.

Thank you, friend.

Barry out.

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  1. Life can be filled with hard wood or soft wood.

    We decide.


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