Fear As Motivation Works Great In The Moment But You Better Not Turn Yer Back

Most folks want their own way.

They bribe, beg and coerce

their adherents to concur

but a person convinced

against their will is of the same opinion steel.

Thank you, friend.

Barry out.

Of the same opinion still has been uttered by many great thinkers throughout time and this is why marketing works so awesome right now.

We’re all blind to the fantastic powers of influence chipping away night and day at our decision makers. “think this way” they say. “And don’t forget about this way” they say again. And again.

Ceaselessly whispering “this way” now ” that way”  into our consciousness. Sometimes at the hind end of our eyes and often just behind our ears.

But sp, sp, sp, sp, sp…

They’re there.

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