Fear – Good Motivator for Stupid Managers

fortune cookie with message saying you're firedThe first few years I was a manager I had no clue what I was doing. Like a lot of managers.

I had fooled my way into management to begin with (like a lot of managers) and just naturally assumed a hierarchical dork attitude (like a lot of managers) until one day an old chef named Buzz tuned me in.

The words he laid on me so rocked my world that it felt like the ex paratrooper had hoofed me a good one in the knackers.

Do You Kick Up a Stink?

As I entered the banquet room there was a commotion of people getting up and beginning to move and I automatically chuckled perhaps a little too loud at the personal power I wielded over my employees. Hail, just by entering a room I sent them scurrying all over the place. I felt fulfilled.

“Ya-Ya-Ya!” bellowed old Buzz in his heavy German accent. “Vhat do you vant?” he asked of me interrogatingly, his craggy old army eyes stopping me in my tracks.

“I just came by to rattle the cage, you know, management by walking around and all that” I spewed meeker than I would have liked, especially since I was his boss, too.

“Ya, I can zee dhat” the old bugger sneered right at me . “And vhut tdo you tink dose peepel vas doink bevore you valked in?!” He asked, almost sounding like he was interested in my answer.

“Probably standing around, as usual” I replied, trying not to sound too glib while scouring his every movement for any hint that he might lunge toward me in some suicidal maneuver.

“Dhat’s Rlite,” he drawled out, feigning disinterest. “Dhat’s how much evvect you have ven you are not here…”

The commando turned mean chef then paused and stared at me long and hard for what seemed like, oh, about a month. I suppose he was looking for a light to come on but it was a fire the old veteran had started in me – not something that went click. He and I hashed the whole thing out that evening in his room over vodka neat but it took me a few hours that morning to fully decipher the wisdom in old Buzz’s words.

How About When You Are Not There?

lightning bolt with words AH HAH underneath
Sometimes Wisdom Strikes

Wow, what a point to ponder.

What affect do I have when I’m not there? Do I influence people so they WANT to do what I want them to do or do I have to catch them not doing it?

Today I find people who want to do what I want them to do and then I let them do it.

If they are shirking their duties, it’s because they don’t want to do what I want them to do which means either the task or the person doing it must it be changed.

And trying to scare people into activity is just crazy.

I strongly advise against it.

Thank you, friend.

Barry out.

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