Find A Creative Way To Say Yer Sorry


I don’t want people to die building a motherfucking dam.

And I don’t want to be taken out by something only

there for a short time. 

Like hitting a train or some idiot parked on the side of the

road at night. (this was way before Google Car, alright?)

Rain and snow. Uh uh. No.

I’m going out with a whimper.

I’ll say, No, wait, I want to…

And I’ll try to get a good look at my attacker.

In case I live.

Cause I might live and if I do.

I’d like that life to be good.

Where no one dies just 

making a mistake

for a fucking dam.

Or being now late because a lovey-doved one,

crowned them with a frying pan.


Thank you, friend.

Barry out.

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