Five Seconds

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For my masterclass friends:

1. This bullshite counts toward my total.

2. Google is reducing people’s attention spans to 5 secs by their click here skip ad youtube buddon. (the way my wife says it)

3. Your attention span is reduced because whatever the Gmeister is doing is NOT evil.

4. Everyone else’s attention span is reduced, too.

5. Yes, there is five things. This is the last and longest thing. Five seconds ain’t much time so you’re never going to be able to meet this deadline as yourself.

Pretend you are someone else. And you have 5, 4, 3, 2 seconds to do it.

My hat, she is off to you, my friend.

Barry really out.

John Thornhill ROCKS!

Wanna learn what’s wild about the internet? Honest John knows. Taught me.

4 Responses to “Five Seconds”

  1. the internet is like electricity. Either we get comfortable with getting shocked or the fear causes everyone to wait for a savior.


  2. I will show you the goods, compadre. What you wanna see?


  3. we have sold a pile of duct tape wallets.

    I mean rolls.


  4. how bout pretending that you are the person you are talking at


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