Food Takes Liberties While Being A Teeny Bit Too Familiar With Loved Ones

Cake CalendarA couple of daze ago I caught the wife looking dreamily at a cake calendar.

I’m almost at the breaking point with that stuff because as soon as my back is turned that perversity is glomping onto her legs, breasts and arse.

And shite’s everywhere – some of its even gettin’ on me!

Probably I despise top bananas the most.

Every time their name is spoken.

My pie hole gets itchy.

Thank you, friend.

Barry out.

3 Responses to “Food Takes Liberties While Being A Teeny Bit Too Familiar With Loved Ones”

  1. Ha!! I’ve worked it out!

    You either drink too much or you don’t drink enough.

    Oh, and thanks for the non-videos:

    “This video contains content from UMG and EMI. It is not available in your country”

    Don’t you just love shit-for-brains companies that think they can fuck the rest of the world to suit their own ends?


    Your Friend
    Don recently posted..It’s Cricket Tomorrow


    Barry Williams Reply:

    G’Day Pallywalster,

    You are right on both accounts, sir. I do write some terrible stuff before and after I drink and wee bit during libation.

    As far as the videos, I wonder how a person can find out whether they’re viewable world-wide. That might be worth a post for you and a wine for me. What chu tink?

    Thanks meester.


  2. This story still don’t make sense to me but oh well.

    I’m just the paint tinter.


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