For Sale: Thoughts.

Most folks have no idea how little they think.

They stop at signs just because and theirĀ 

way is impeded or greased by lights

of many colors and with cell

phones and radios draggin’ the line no ones mindin’ the ranch.

Thank you, friend.

Barry out.

6 Responses to “For Sale: Thoughts.”

  1. And let greeting cards be within reach of the masses.

    Some could even be ninety-nine cents!

    At’ll reep the mind out ‘o ’em!


  2. Brother, you are gute at dis!


  3. I agree. Had to be said and someone outa say eet.


  4. Me too.


  5. Fucking Retards! OUTA MY WAY!


  6. Holy! Cam doone…


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