For You Sir Protector (and only you) Two Peeps For The Price Of None

Many folks now understand justice due to former RCMP Officer Monty Robinson.

They originally remember Corporal Robinson from his 2007 involvement in the

unjustified death of a disturbed office stapler wielding traveler at Vancouver

Airport and more recently from his 2008 vamoosing from a fatal, booze

fueled traffic fatality which saw Officer R slip home to down a couple

of vodkas on top of five previous beers as his 21 year old biker

accident partner bled out at the scene. For all this, and

undoubtedly knowing the location of a few ripening

RCMP closets, Officer M gets house arrest and is

ordered to write a letter of apology… At rat dere is justice!

Thank you, friend.

Barry out.

Nope. Dis game ain’t rigged and dats why bets is mandatory.

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