Free Pat King!

Dude refused to wear a mask.

Vaccine? No, don’t even ask.

Straight to hell and so damn fast.

The entire world went with him.

Honking horns in the Bays of Rigs.

Uniformed cops make a wall of pigs.

Bats and horses and injured victims.

Cops advance to push and hit them.

Canadian flags and national anthem

Holding lines to then abandon

That line, this line, comes the end then.

Crowds disperse and Pat goes with them.

The bastards took Pat to jail.

Wouldn’t give Pat his bail.

His voice carried too far.

His voice raised the low bar

Pat wants freedom for all.

Pat hadda take the fall.

Don’t forget him.

Maybe bring Pat in

Your home and heart

Maybe do your part

Free Pat for our freedom!

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