From Now On We Invest In People ONLY

No more hiding behind companies or laws.

No more federal or any one else’s reserve.

Just notes by you.

Who want some?

Thank you, friend.

Barry out.

This new loot is scary stuff on account of having so much to Look At.


8 Responses to “From Now On We Invest In People ONLY”

  1. Shit’s gonna be jumping from our pockets before these dudes are done with us.

    Oh, wait a minute. Already so.

  2. Ho Hum,

    Australia has been using polymer notes since the 1980’s.

    One word of warning, they still end up like shit if you leave them in your pocket and put them through the washing machine. Please DON’T put them through the cloths dryer.


  3. History has shown that anytime an entity attempts to create spiffier coins its because their value is less.

    The fancy pictures and cool colors are like the misdirection of magic. They’re there for a reason…

    How do the new notes work as arse-wipe?

  4. @Barry Williams, Slippery little buggers.

  5. Fuck keeping track of money.

    Track results.

  6. I love our accountant like some folks must love their minister, etc.

    He is still one hundred percent wrong working for those sons of bitches, though.

    Not right but profitable don’t work long term & you know it.

  7. I believe you’ve remarked some quite fascinating details , thankyou for the post.

  8. Thanks mom.

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