Fuck Topo Gigio And Mr. Ed (Not The Talking Horse Mr. Ed)

Whomever we focus upon we become.

A mighty mouse or a wise, slow

Talking horse. The secret is

To remember its just

A show and the

Exit doors R

Rat der.

Thank you, friend.

Barry out.

14 Responses to “Fuck Topo Gigio And Mr. Ed (Not The Talking Horse Mr. Ed)”

  1. Give me a kiss, Eddy. The mouse would say and Eddy always did it.

    Love was right here back then. Today its somewhere out there and its our job to bring it back.

    You first.

  2. I almost didn’t publish this because it makes fun of people making fun of horses and well, some of my readers REALLY love horses so I was hesitant to go there.

    Sorry Shannon.

  3. The only program I’m missing for Canadians here is Bonanza with Pa, Hoss and the other fags.

    Sorry to all cowboy fags for what I just said about the Cartwrights.

  4. Well, thats all my weekly apologies used up on one day. Nothing more to feel bad about. Dang it!

  5. Mr. Ed pretended to be Topo’s friend but really, Mr. Ed decided who Topo’s friends would be and who he’d be listening to.

    Mr. Ed also dictated how much time and exposure Topo got and the little beggar did everything he could with that time.

    Including telling Eddy over and over how much he loved him.

    Fucking little brown noser.

  6. Of course, what choice did little Topo have?

    It was him, his family and their instruments in the middle of a stage! And everyone else Ed had invited to the party was trying to get his attention.

    And these mice are small as you can tell.

  7. Sure Ed comes down to their size but he’s up there, too.

  8. Eds working for someone, too, don’t forget.

    Tope’s working for Ed.

  9. And blah, blah, blah – all the way down.

    Who they know

  10. Tell me this is better than the rib deal Ed says.

    Topo says, I Love You Eddie!

    Ed says, Tope – do you even know about the rib deal?

    Fucking Topo starts playing the most beautiful song ever.

    That was a… what was the name of that tune, anyhow?

    Hmm, hmm hmm hmm, you know it.

  11. Keep the water coming says Ed as his hand slips on the doornob.

    What the?! as he realizes that someone has already opened it.

    Its Elvis.

  12. Of course not the real Elvis and only Ed and Topo know that’s the case.

    But Ed and Tope say nuddng.

    Ats the game one learns in showbiz. Less said the bedder and why ain’t we already changing towns?

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  14. Thanks mom and dad.

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