Google Says Someone Is Beating Up A Pile ‘O People. Whose Acting Brutish?


Hells Angels Beating Up People = 1,110,000 results / Police Beating Up People = 271,000,000 results

Hells Angels Beating People Up = 2,380,000 results / Police Beating People Up = 231,000,000 results

google search results for people getting beat up by police or hells angels

Our reputations reside in the fingertips of others.

Right there on Google and its fiends for everyone to see.

In fact, if Google says you are a pedophile or a moron chances are good you either are or are soon gonna be.

Because Google don’t lie it just lies

there and however we want to

imagine the universe, that spot is

about one digit’s length from being unfurled.

Thank you, friend.

Barry out.

Looks to me like the Hells Angels aren’t taking very good care of their reputation. Deys weigh behine in this parallel of the universe.

2 Responses to “Google Says Someone Is Beating Up A Pile ‘O People. Whose Acting Brutish?”

  1. No two ways about it, there are a lot more cops than Hells Angels.

    But man, that many more cops?


  2. You wouldn’t catch the police thumping the HA like this and the HA would not smack cops either.

    Blackmail, threats, coercion, bribery yes. Hitting, no.


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