Hah Hah! Now Life Owes Us A Day!

Few folks enjoy being on the ‘pay us by Tuesday or else…’ end of a loan.

The unspoken feeling of indebtedness is a burden on the debtor and

the loan provider can take their rightful place on the natural

hierarchy of reality for being so big hearted and all. The

only thing we have to do is create a system where

we make assurances (like drinking fishways

only every second day) and then surpass

that goal (not imbibing for two days)

and presto chango we’ve got life

right by the ears! It owes us –

not like the bad old days!

Three cheers for time

banker wankers!

Hipp hipp!

Thank you, friend.

Barry out.


3 Responses to “Hah Hah! Now Life Owes Us A Day!”

  1. Like I always said – if you have time, play with it.


  2. Pile on the days that life owes us and then let that bitch try and pull some stunt…

    I’ll have you in my reality so fast it’ll make planets spin.


  3. Fired?! I had a job when I found this one!

    And I’ve uh, still got it!


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