Hammered Every Second Part 3: There’s Room At The Inn For Us

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Reality provides a spot for mountain climbers, sky divers and even brave convenience store clerks.

The fact that these types of people tend to knock off group participants quicker than more mundane pursuits matters not and like everyone else, they are provided their location in space-time so that they might freely express themselves.

Even if what they do might be considered dangerous and risky.

They fly, climb and brush off rude, harried customers in the face of their assumed risk and in the end their actions may produce nothing more than the freedom of movement they so vigorously sought or indeed it may cost them everything in the bargoon of them knowingly fast spinning the wheel of life.

To these dare-devils aptly fits the seemingly always late Edward Archibald who

spent his entire life attempting to live within

the bounds of time and throughout his

illustrious career this incredible

master surgeon proved that

time can be impossibly

bent just by the right folks passing through it, the right way.

Thank you, friend.

Barry out.

bargoon – a steal of a deal even if it costs everything

Edward Archibald didn’t have time to get upset about his inability to adhere to the expectations of time.

He was separate from his affliction. Time was something binding all things that did not include him. Almost unimaginable to those not bound by time.

These words were spoken about Dr. Archibald during a ceremony at the University of Paris:

“You’ve only brains and industry,

Good breeding, kindness, modesty,

The faculty of making friends

With ne’er a thought to serve your ends;

Sound judgement, sympathy and skill

To comfort and to heal the ill.

O Edward, you would be sublime,

If only you could be on time.”

– Dr. William Howell (No Man Alone – Wilder Penfield pg. 354)





7 Responses to “Hammered Every Second Part 3: There’s Room At The Inn For Us”

  1. You see Pen, it works this way.

    You write something – lets say No Man Alone – and then somebody else gets infected with your thinking long after you stopped thinking.

    See Pen?

  2. Or have you stopped thinking Pen?

  3. I bet not.

  4. I cannot believe my own brashness at times.

    My personalities collide and make me dazed and confused.

    On the other side everything seems okay again and I go on, hoping that what I think happened didn’t.

  5. Remember, this is the only exit for Ranch Willamvidian.

    Its 900 below out where I live rat now and me arse is frozen so you’re bearing the brunt of my door opening.

    Hey, you done wit dat paper?

  6. Kin U tell dis is a dranky drank day fer mah waff?

  7. I’m like fairly slammed so not hwve to sing off.

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