Hammered Every Second Part 5: Maybe That Stupid Bitch Is Somebody’s Mother

Lawyers around the world do not agree with the “judge not lest ye be judged” thing because so many of the beggars eventually want to be sitters on the bench not just called to the bar.

For the rest of us not beating that path there’s no doubt we need to pay close attention

to who and how we criticize or condemn, starting with ourselves. Few folks would

think about piling an elephant on a bicycle and yet that is exactly what most

shit-facers do – starting with themselves. These jack booted hell raisers

storm through our lives, picking up anything heavier than it looks

and piling it right into our nap-sack, making it dang near

impossible to catch even a couple of winks no matter

how exhausted we become. And the stuff they

uncover! Names people have been called.

Offs that have been ripped. Shite

that no one thinking straight

would do which kinda explains why someone did it.

Thank you, friend.

Barry out.

Even if you can get out, it won’t be without scratches.

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  1. We got this shite locked up.

    Let ‘er go.

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