Happiness Runs Out Before People Do

Many folks are good at saving.

They maintain a reserve of

the good stuff and can

lend it to others as

long as they ain’t cheer chompers.

Thank you, friend.

Barry out.

Two daze of happiness in reserve. That’s it…

Now Ahm getting all scientific on yer arse. Follow the description on YouTube to decipher this video.

3 Responses to “Happiness Runs Out Before People Do”

  1. 60 more stories and I will have knocked off 1000 original stories in one year!

    I am so proud of myself for attempting such a daunting task and then doubling what I considered an almost unattainable goal.

    Of course, I knew the main goal was to turn myself into a writer and I could only become that through doing so do I did.

    All this while being an alcoholic fuckwad who everybody thinks is strange…

    If I can pull bullshite like this outa my arse, so can YOU!


  2. Anyone reading the bullshite I write will realize that most of it is absolute word garbage but I had to keep the idea pipes clean for the 20% great stories to make their way through.

    Which 20% is up to the reader.


  3. That’s 200 great stories, y’all!


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