Heroes Are More Plentiful Than People Who Say Sorry & Mean It

wasn't me

Some folks are able to sloop through life without employing any hint of sincere apology.

They pay little heed to how they are unintentionally influencing others and the odd time when they do

sense that a wet blanket may have been tossed onto someone’s parade they instantly

begin smoothing things over in their own mind by turning a couple of tables

so that the supposedly injured party is now sitting in the owner’s seat.

The menace of these jerks is not that they barge through the ocean

of existence without ever getting the slightest bit damp them

selves but the toll of their constant Game On and how it

swamps every marginal dog paddler trailing along in

their wake. Our only hope of ever surviving the

ruthless insensitivity of such an audacious

rippler is for everyone else in the sea to

realize that from cappy’s boathouse

position only ahead is observable

so everyone behind for certain

risks being drowned and has

only themselves to call to

for help and will make

it only by supplying

their own life vest

& getting it on.

Thank you, friend.

Barry out.

Party, where you at?


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  1. I’m merely charting the shoreline as I see it and because true north keeps changing, my lines could be a little off.

    In fact, I know they are.

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