Housekeeping – Ezine Stats For Masterclass students

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Gawd bless you folks for continuing.

We’re like minnows in a shark pond it ain’t easy here.

Are you sure you’re in the right place?

Don’t you think you should

have turned back and

where would you

be if you did?

Thank you, John Thornhill.

Barry out.

4 Responses to “Housekeeping – Ezine Stats For Masterclass students”

  1. Unlike a lot of other people I made not ONE Cent off John Thornhill’s advice. Never-the-less, it was the best knowledge I had ever heard in my life. Or acted upon…


  2. Hi Five To John Thornhill, he truly is a great dude!


  3. Fantastic site, where did you collate the info in this posting? Im captivated I found it though, ill be checking back soon to see what other articles you have. I have a great interest in flowing hand

    BTW, I have shared on Twitter


    Barry Williams Reply:

    What a coincidence! I have interest in flowing wine.


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