How To Enjoy Riding Your Circadian Cycle

graphic of heart shape with flames emblazoned on heart
Hey, how bout moving up to a Racing Heart?

Thump thump. Thump thump. Thump thump.

I hope you hear that thumping noise, too, because it means that like me, you have a heart.

And as I tap tap away on these silly little chiclets our hearts, lungs and entire kit and kabootle are running some kind of  loop process where they work, stop and then work again.

Thankfully for people like me who are almost maxed out on intellectual capacity, this stuff all occurs in the body’s basement without us even having to go down and turn off the light. I like that in a cycle… 😉

Open Up Your Mind, See What You Find

This is a great time to be alive because scientists are finding out tons of ultra cool stuff about what it means to be human and one of the things they’ve uncovered is that each of us runs on several life cycles that control levels of alertness, ability to enjoy high motor function and even when optimal periods of rest should be set.

Hundreds of studies have now been done to identify the effects of our biological cycles, Circadian and Ultradian, to learn exactly how they interact with each other. So far they have determined that Circadian cycles deal primarily with our ability to maintain alertness, wakefulness and eventually sleep states while Utradian cycles express themselves over smaller time frames inside Circadian cycles and can oscillate between 15 minutes to three or four hours.

Its Time to Wake Up

graphic of tired man with clock and man in moon with santa hat on
Holy Criminy! Tomorrows Another Day Already!

Acknowledging and understanding our unique sleep / alertness cycles can alleviate much of the frustration we feel when we don’t measure up to the industrial clocks which so mercilessly drive us.

Follow the links below and learn more about your body’s biological rhythm so you can rest easy when its time to rest and toil with less effort when its best to work.

With a wee bit of practice, this could turn into a whole new way of looking at things.

We should probably sleep on it, first.

Thank you, friend.

Barry out.

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