How To Pull Joy Out Of Nearly Fuck All

cow with head and leg stuck in ladder

Many folks want to feel good.

They forget that good can be

easily manufactured by

the smallest thoughts

of gratitude, pride

in learning, time

invested in betterment,

communing with truth / nature and

yer heritage or accepting your shitty fate.

Thank you, friend.

Barry out.

Practice having ideas.

Place yer forefinger vertically over your lips with your palm facing outward, fingers closed and mutter confidently “hmm, AHA!”

An alternative vociferous but applicable command might be “AHA! GOT IT!”

While saying AHA or GOT IT thrust your arm into the air with your index finger now acting as an antennae pointing directly toward the center of the universe.

And don’t go pointing that thing at anyone else, okay?

One Response to “How To Pull Joy Out Of Nearly Fuck All”

  1. Do something different and praise the lawd! Different shit happens!

    Holy fuck this is hard!


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