How & When Will You Leave Civilization Hints About What You Learned Here?

Speeding tickets change behavior ya right

There’s something treacherous and debilitating in constantly telling people what, where and how much to do.

Folks who have been coddled, corralled or connived too much wind up shutting out their own minds and relying strictly on the guidance of their all knowing leaders.

Under benevolent circumstances this would be crippling enough but for people

To waste the vast contemplative resource in their cranium cart is scary

Especially when they blindly follow some shepherd who invariably

Steals the critical thinking process right out of their mind.

No one will ever be able to assemble life’s puzzle

Without each person first acknowledging &

Then offering up the unique piece they

Hold within their heart. It is their

Duty and the capacity of all

Mortals to perform and

Then relinquish their

Part as soon as

They realize

They are


Thank you, friend.

Barry out.

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