Hows About Living Like The Anxiety Gyppers?

Many folks get cause and correlation confused.

This arises from an over abundance of “how’s it going with you” surface obfuscation and too much attention to life’s drama mixed 80 / 20 with too little acknowledgement of the script upon which this entire show is based.

Anticipation is key and recognizing similar threads holding everything in place

is paramount to obtaining a good knowledge feed which, once digested,

introspectively alters our operating code with the similar effort and

engagement due to every metanoic moment. Once anyone hooks

up with the endless but predictable tree of reality the clues to

what may happen next come fast and furious and much of

their attention becomes focused on what’s next rather

than despairing over what has happened. The level

of drama in which many people envelop them

selves requires so much more energy to

animate than they imagine and flows

typically in one direction with a

force so overwhelming that

few audience members

have the time or in

clination to investigate what is really going on or how to affect progress.

Thank you, friend.

Barry out.



2 Responses to “Hows About Living Like The Anxiety Gyppers?”

  1. And once you figure out the script, you don’t worry anymore if it happened or it’s gong to happen. It all *”just is”!

    *quote from “Sandman” Neil Gaiman


    Barry Williams Reply:

    @Lily Rose, I agree. We can fight with the controls but sometimes shites gonna wind up on the side of some mountain.

    Still, one hopes on the way down that other folks will be comforted from our terror.



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