Humans Are Not Built For Fighting. No, That Shite We Must Be Taught.

war memorial of guns with helmets on them

Most folks know a wee bit about post traumatic stress disorder.

They don’t really understand what it means though on account of

they’ve never had to harm someone who hasn’t harmed them

but when your commander is screaming for you to SHUT

THOSE MOTHERFUCKERS DOWN and your wilded com

rades are double tapping everything in sight then

all that training kicks in and before you know it

sons-a-bitches are being capped no matter

what their religion or personality because of

being in the wrong place at the worst of possible times.

Thank you, friend.

Barry out.

Shit’s bad when violence is a tool you now own because soon it owns you.

Veteran shot dead by B.C. police treated for PTSD

Greg Matters’ sister says he had stress syndrome since at least 2009

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